Photo by: Jamie Taylor at Concert Addicts

Hey, I’m Alexis, and I’m currently an intern for FaceCulture, based in Vancouver, Canada.

With a passion for live music and travelling, I have combined both often, by travelling to various locations to see live music with friends. I am heavily invested in the never ending lineup of concerts coming through the city. I’m easy to spot at a show (as pictured to the side, with my best friend Taylor).

Attending the British Columbia Institute of Technology’s Radio Arts & Entertainment Program was an idea I explored as a result of attending live music events in Vancouver. Running into people who worked in the music industry and radio often, in 2014 I went to a concert at which a lovely lady who worked in Radio Promotions told me: “You remind me of a younger me.”

Hearing that, I thought on it for two years, and came to the conclusion I had a passion alike to hers. So in September 2016, I took that passion to BCIT.

Moving through my time at BCIT, there was a lot of changes in my life. Before things started up, my best friend lost her brother, and it altered a lot of things for me. My carefree attitude was still there, but it needed rekindling. By the end of that year, I had traveled more for live music than ever before. To Montreal, to Los Angeles, to Seattle multiple times, and to Portland. Even though school was happening, the most important thing to me was making sure my best friend had someone there for her while she grieved – which came in the form of seeing live music.

Interviewing Hayley Kiyoko (March 2017)

In 2017, things moved to the next level. I branched out properly into interviewing, doing my first in-person interview with Hayley Kiyoko. After that, Daniel Young, the owner of VIES Mag, asked me to cover Sasquatch! Music Festival 2017 on his behalf – photographing the 3 day event down at the Gorge Ampitheater in Washington state – truly a bucket list opportunity. When things at BCIT started back up in September, I made it my mission to do more in-depth interviews, chatting with one of my favourite bands, LANY, and my favourite singer, Lostboycrow.

In 2018, the time came to specialize within the program, and I chose Performance – specifically because of two positions: Brand Director and Music Director.

As Brand Director, I made sure things were up and running at Evolution 107.9, the completely student run radio station. I put together student headshots, inquired about interview and photography opportunities on behalf of Evolution, created the daily logs for the station, mediated between students and professors, and essentially lived at the station.

Interviewing Lostboycrow (October 2017)

As Music Director, I branched further into interviewing, completing three interviews during my time, while digging hard for new music to put on the station. After my phase as Music Director, I reached out to Martin Kuiper, the CEO/Founder of FaceCulture, a daily updated music guide on YouTube, based in the Netherlands. After talking for an hour – without getting through all of my questions – we organized a second Skype meeting, and after talking another hour, I found myself with an internship at FaceCulture, based online from Vancouver to Amsterdam.

I continue to pursue honest, thoughtful, and in-depth conversations – attempting to get a story out of people who create from their experiences, and friends who want to share.

Most often, you can find me in the crowd at a gig, glitter coating my face while singing along with a friend – if not my best friend Taylor.