Interview with Nina Nesbitt

At the beginning of April 2018, the time came where, after waiting about 6 years, the lovely Nina Nesbitt graced Vancouver with her first ever set in the city.

Getting to speak with Nina was a dream of mine come true, and it was the first time I experienced conducting an interview on film!

We talked a bit about her time in Vancouver, touring with Jake Bugg, how her writing style has changed from her first album “Peroxide” to her upcoming sophomore album (which remains untitled for now). She revealed a bit about some of the unreleased songs she’s been playing off her new album, as well as the inspiration behind the album’s imagery. She shared what it was like recording the first collaborative Spotify single with Charlotte Cardin, Sasha Sloan, and King Henry.

Thank you to Jordan Williams for helping film this interview.

Below is a gallery of her set at the Commodore and some interview photos:

Nina Nesbitt