Interview with Mikkel from The Foreign Resort

After having a nice chat with Jason and Shannon from ACTORS, Jason shot me a message on Facebook, saying he had a friend who was interested in having a chat with me, Mikkel Jakobsen from the Danish group, The Foreign Resort.

I spoke with Mikkel over the phone while he was in Austin, right after a completed crazy week for The Foreign Resort at SXSW in March 2018.

We chatted about his experience at SXSW, his favourite parts about touring – specifically in Canada. He shared a bit about where the group’s sound is going in terms of their next album, and who’s working on it production wise – Jason Corbett of Vancouver’s own ACTORS. He revealed why they’ve gone with a punchier drum sound and who’s inspired that direction.

We also discussed a couple other things, which you can hear in the interview.