Interview with Lostboycrow

In January 2018, I had the opportunity to interview someone who is arguably one of my favourite singers, Lostboycrow.

I spoke with him on the phone for about 50 minutes and covered a wide range of topics with him. We chatted about the single he released that day “I’m a Sailor Not a Saleman,” what it’s like collaborating with his buddies flor, and Jimmy Harry. The progression and symbolism between each legend of his Traveler album. Hitting 100 million streams on Spotify (look, I know I said 1 million, and I kicked myself after it). His experiences on the first “Spin the Globe Tour”, traveling, influences (music, sports, film), his connection to Canada, filming “All My Lives At Once” at Enoch Cree Nation in Alberta, Canada. He also revealed what Jazzy Charles & The Bird means, how he became a part of the project Songs for Standing Rock and the story behind “Rivers Run.” We also discussed the lovely Rachel Knobloch who’s designed the artwork for each EP and his Instagram. And finally, his up-coming plans for this year – releasing the full album and touring.

You can find a gallery from the lost interview I did with him in October 2017 when he came through Vancouver on the “Spin The Globe Tour” at the Fox Cabaret.