Interview with Charlie Kerr

In May 2017, I had the opportunity to interview one of Vancouver’s indie scene staples, front-man of JPNSGRLS and mastermind behind Matt and Sam’s Brother: Charlie Kerr.

Chatting with Charlie came so easily, it was like having a conversation with an old friend. We talked about pets, his birthday, head injuries, touring, art, influences, the upcoming films “Ice Blue” and “Blackout”, future plans for Matt and Sam’s Brother, future plans for JPNSGRLS, and his opinion and detailed education on boy bands (who doesn’t love to banter about Harry Styles?).

At the end he performed two songs: Matt and Sam’s Brother’s recent single “This Means Nothing” and an unreleased track called “3AM Lullaby.”

Recorded and Produced at Evolution 107.9 by Alexis Dayfoot.

Photo Album: An Album of Charlie Kerr

Taken by: Alexis Dayfoot

Matt and Sam's Brother