Interview with SHAED

Above is Part 1 of the chat I had with SHAED before they played at the Orpheum on May 8, 2018.

Spencer Ernst (guitar, production), Chelsea Lee (vocals), Max Ernst (keys, production) from Washington, D.C. based electro-pop trio, SHAED. In Part 1 they talk about their beginnings in music, Christmas, moving in together as a band, home-studio vs working on the road, their upcoming music, influences on their upcoming material, working with Manatee Commune, and album artwork done by Rachel Knobloch.

In Part 2, we speak about the political influence on the song “Thunder”, the 2016 American Election, themes of their upcoming music, their new single “Trampoline,” Chelsea being an amazing chef, the importance of a routine, having a fresh perspective, and how they record vocals.

Below is a gallery of the show:


Thanks to Steve, and to Mckenna Ruebens for helping film this.