Interview with Cub Sport

Above is the first part of a chat I had with¬†Drummer Dan Puusaari, keyboardist Sam “Bolan” Netterfield, frontman Tim Nelson, and guitarist Zoe Davis from Australian indie pop band Cub Sport. This was recorded in front of the Toiletsnake Mural behind the Fox Cabaret in Vancouver on May 2, 2018 for FaceCulture as a part of my internship.

In the first part,¬†we chat about being in the place that Tim and Sam got together (Vancouver), the context of This Is Our Vice alongside Bats, changing narrative, differing soundscapes, the use of autotune, gaining confidence after coming out as gay, soundtracking Tim’s thoughts, and when Sam began to notice Tim was writing about him.

In part 2, we talk about how Zoe and Dan feel soundtracking Tim and Sam’s lovestory, shaping the soundscape of Bats, recording drums for Bats, and knowing when a song is complete.

In part 3, we discussed filming the video for the song “Crush”, making mood boards, Dan’s other musical ventures with his friend “BANFF”, taking everything in, juggling music and a wedding, recording a new album, and the sound of the next album.

You can find a gallery from their show at the Fox Cabaret below:

Cub Sport

Thanks to Cub Sport and Amy Fennie.